sunshine holiday apartments - bugibba, malta
Lindens boutique - rome, italy
giorgios boutique - sliema, malta
grens - venlo, netherlands
chill'n'meet - st julians, malta
frank's place - loënga, netherlands
stay & fly - eindhoven airport, netherlands

upcoming projects

with multiple properties who have joined us from the C Hospitality umbrella, we have plenty more in the bag for you.

over 15 projects in the pileline for the year of 2019 and even more in the upcoming years.

morethanhotels is flexible with properties which have just a few rooms and up to thirty rooms.

our current portfolio, including upcoming projects, we have a total of 370+ rooms and 920+ beds dotted over three countries - Italy, Malta and Netherlands.

for a brand which only started this eighteenth year of the two-thousands, we are super proud of our achievements already and are happy to give you a sneak peek of upcoming projects to you.


netherlands has been the country what always surprises and the tourism grows year on year - maybe because of the space brownies and tulips?

2019 openings

frank's place - 24 rooms, loënga

NC boutique - 9 rooms, eindhoven

gerson - 27 rooms, groningen

stay & fly - 17 rooms, eindhoven airport; opening in spring

eCo lodge - 28 rooms, apeldoorn

grens - 21 rooms, venlo; opening in spring

alexander - 11 rooms, rotterdam

2020 pipeline

11 rooms - amsterdam zuid



italy is the great country where most of the boutiques joined us from C Hospitality umbrella, but surely we are growing there also throughout the next couple of years


2019 openings


Lindens boutique - 26 rooms, rome, opening summer

cavour - 23 rooms, milan

romeo e romeo - 15 rooms, verona, adult only

juliet e juliet, 17 rooms, verona, adult only

#relax - 31 room, bari



2020 pipeline


chill - hostel, rome




malta is the hidden gem of the medditeranean and that is exactly why we have decided to extend our operations to this little rock

we are still finding our feet on this great island but we have a few great properties already in the pipeline


2019 openings


sunshine holiday apartments - 14 studios, bugibba

giorgios boutique - 16 bedrooms, sliema, opening winter

chill'n'meet - 49 bed hostel, st julians, opening autumn







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